Our Process

How Avram Joseph Law works.

Our Process


Initial Consult

It all begins with an initial consultation with one of our lawyers. In this meeting, we give you preliminary advice that will help figure out the best way to resolve the issues – whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.


Review & Analysis

Our firm conducts a review and analysis, together with you, of your case, including financial disclosure, key issues, gathering of relevant documents and other information necessary to help resolve your outstanding issues.



Avram Joseph Law will always attempt to negotiate a resolution before proceeding with litigation or arbitration through negotiation, mediation and/or during litigation/arbitration.



Mediation can be used if both parties agree to be part of the process. Mediators are usually senior family law lawyers, social workers, or psychologists who act as facilitators and do not make decisions about your matter but rather help you negotiate mutually agreeable resolutions for some or all of your issues.


Litigation (if necessary)

If an out of court settlement cannot be reached through negotiation or mediation, an application to Court will be drafted on your behalf, or the firm will respond to the application.



The matter of your dispute should be resolved by the end of the process.

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